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Catering New Haven


Catering New Haven
Why are we the best Catering New Haven has to offer?

You'll be relieved with our painless process.
You'll be shocked at our attention to detail.
You'll be amazed by results that far surpass our price.

We are experts in...

Boxed Lunches
Wedding Catering
BBQ Catering
...and more!

Catering New Haven

We do catering in New Haven right.

Residential or Commercial.

Weddings. Birthdays. Parties. You name it.

We do it all!

We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Catering New Haven

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Catering New Haven

Catering New Haven

Catering New Haven

Catering New Haven
Catering New Haven
Catering New Haven
Catering New Haven Catering New Haven

Catering New Haven, CT

Our Catering Services…

DTG Catering specializes in several types of catering service: Boxed Lunches, Wedding, Sandwich Platters, BBQ, and Breakfast.

But we are not limited to just this.

If you need a special kind of catering just ask.

We’re flexible.

Boxed Lunches Catering

Boxed lunches are the perfect match for a daytime gathering.

Especially if you don’t have enough tables for your guests.

A box is versatile.

You don’t need a table to eat lunch out of a box.

It’s also easy to stack lunch boxes up on a table.

Then just have your guests grab one as they walk by.

Or, place the boxed lunches in chairs.

Have guests take a seat and eat out of the box on their laps.

The possibilities are endless with boxed lunches.

Give us a call to schedule our boxed lunch catering.

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is popular.

It makes sense.

Who wants to deal with food at a time like this?

You focus on the bride and groom.

We’ll handle the food.

We do weddings right.

We’ve got tons of experience catering weddings.

We know the last thing you want to worry about is catering service at your wedding.

Our goal is to make your special day amazing by providing the best food with the best service.

Our chef’s will work with you to design the perfect food match for your wedding.

Come see why so many have put their special day in our hands.

Call now.

BBQ Catering

The classic…BBQ.

Now many caterers in New Haven try their luck at BBQ.

But, it’s not an easy thing to get right.

It’s definitely an art.

An art we’ve mastered.

Our BBQ is lip smacking good.

You’ll stuff yourself and ask for more.

The secret is in the sauce.

We put alot of hard work in getting it just right.

Then we make sure we cook our meet juicy and tender for the perfect bite.

Come give our BBQ catering a try and see what you’ve been missing.

Breakfast Catering

It’s our favorite meal…breakfast.

Who doesn’t like a good omelet? Pancakes? Bacon!

For all you breakfast addicts out there this one’s for you.

We got fruit.

We got berries.

We got pastries galore.

Donuts anyone?


When it comes to breakfast we have you covered.

Call and talk to one of our chef’s and design a breakfast that’s sure to start your party off right.

Mexican Catering

Got questions?

Need a quote?

Give us a call and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

Again, thank you for considering DTG Catering.

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